12 Hours Hackathon with React JavaScript Library

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One thing I kept hearing as part of the requirements: React

I don’t have a production experience with React, however, IMHO if a developer has done a bit of JS development in the past I don’t think onboarding is rocket science.

At the end of the day, it’s just JavaScript!

I’m currently working on a couple of personal projects and thought of using React at some stage but instead I’ve decided to do hackathon on a simple React project and see where it would take me, I didn’t set a deadline.

My Requirements

  • Simple RSS news feed reader
  • Setup a custom domain for github pages
  • Setup DNS CNAME under my mindginative.com domain, via AWS Route53
  • Build and deployment scripts
  • Use Material design
  • Development and production test environment

The list above looks daunting BUT this is 2017! this isn’t 1999 - 6 CDs of VB6 MSDN.

On building “NZ,ey!” RSS news reader

The boilerplate project Create React App, did most of the gory details for me while I sat down and work on the first iteration of the web app.


I think I managed to get up and running the web app from nothing to a working version within 12 hours.

My take on React? onboarding is damn easy