NodeJS + Cron: A series of attempts in getting rid of dangling processes


Short-lived scripts that sucked your resources for 1mins or at most 5mins - is probably fine. However, if it is recurring jobs in Cron and involves several tasks and at least an hour of processing - that’d be a different story. I was working on a simple NodeJS-based cron script with only 3 requirements: extract transform load Each one of these however would involve crunching through a million rows of data.

NodeJS Development Inside Docker on Windows 10


Wait, what ? Moving to Windows10 (6 months ago as of this writing) as my main OS is a bit hard, just a little bit. I use commandline ALL THE TIME and I can’t live without the developer’s Swiss army knife on my side - tiny tools that make our life easier: grep, sed, ps, tree, ssh, find … “Bash On Windows” was a good strategy from Microsoft - I didn’t bother about switching to Windows and I didn’t think twice, I was more worried about which machine to buy.

Windows Insider Build 15031 Broke my NVM NodeJS environment


Yesterday 10th of Feb 2017, I managed to update my PC with the latest Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 15031. The list contains a massive set of features as well as fixes, so I didn’t mind the upgrade. It took at least 20mins to get it done. Once done, my NodeJS environment started complaining, btw I am using Node Version Manager. Here’s what I got when switching NodeJS versions:

Install FFmpeg from source on Ubuntu Bash on Win10


I was working on transcoding videos into different formats, resolutions so it could be played on various desktops, tablets and mobile devices. My main working machine is Dell XPS13 on Windows 10 with Ubuntu Bash enabled, some of my needed libraries is missing and needs recompilation of FFmpeg the one that came from Ubuntu 14.04 repo. I think I’ve literraly spent hours or probably days buildin/re-building libraries just to get the videos transcoded into my desired format.

Go1.7 installation via GVM on Ubuntu Bash on Windows 10


Since moving to Hugo few months ago my installation history with Go was quick and dirty, I just want to get something up running to get started with Hugo. 48 hours ago I was playing with Go, I thought of building a simple cli utility where CI server can hook in and start building something - of course it has be built on top of Go, enough to get my around its dev-ecosystem.

moving to hugo


I was initially planning to use plain Github Pages for my blogging but I’ve read some good reviews with Hugo. I’ll give it a try and see how it goes. I have written a few blog posts over at Medium but I don’t want to spam my Twitter followers with random information that don’t matter to them. I might sync a few bits from time to time.

Browsersync -- The Ghost and the Pretender


Looking at few stats: 6.9k Github stars and 700k npm downloads in the last month (at the time of this writing) it’s no wonder that you can always find plugins, tools or utilities that will link up Browsersync with your favourite frontend or server side framework to ease up your browser testing. It is packed with good features as mentioned in Addy Osmani’s 2013 blog but its ghostMode and Proxy options are spot on in my opinion.

OWASP New Zealand Day 2016


This is kind of an old story now, 1+ month ago as of this writing. The conference had a good list of speakers and most of them are working for a NZ-based security companies. There were shown pre-recorded demos and live ones as well. One of the highlights would be the lessons learned from this conference: Credit Card Fraud (pdf) — by Dan Wallis of Christchurch ISIG Content Security Policy (pdf) — by Valentinas Bakaitis of Aura Security Oauth 2.

Docker 3rd Bday + Training


source : Thanks for the event! I really enjoyed the Docker crash course, it was certainly an eye-opener for me :) HUGE thanks. Get me started with docker:P Attendees feedback, how cool is that ?! it was held on 21 of March 2016 I thought it was a good meetup, the room wasn’t really that packed but it was a good crowd. Although, was a bit lost and had to find my way through the conference room but location-wise ?

Xhyve + Alpine Linux


During the 2015 Xmas holiday break I’ve been meaning to play around with Docker or in particular CoreOS on my Mac machine. I know it’s pretty easy to whip with a few CLI commands — Vagrant + VirtualBox, done! — but I wanted something different and wanted to avoid too many abstraction eg. running a virtual environment on top of a virtual environment. A few google searches got me into xhyve, can’t remember the exact keywords I used — sorry.