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Hi it’s Richard here, a full-stack web developer from New Zealand. I build stuff mainly on JavaScript and Node.js

I’m also dabbler so sometimes I mess around with technologies like: Docker, Terraform, AWS Web Services, Linux configuration, CI, Bash scripting, Go, Rust, mobile development, networking, contracting - I’ve dabbled enough to understand a full stack system.

My curiosity in various areas of tech stack on/off my day job means I can to talk to and communicate effectively with people in other areas.

It is this communication skill which makes me a productive team member, not raw coding ability.
~ Josh Marinacci

A few little bits about me:

  • I write code for the web
  • I am cool, not friendly because I am VERY friendly!
  • I put code on Github
  • I like to automate things with CI




Notable conferences and meetups I’ve atteded:

  • 2017 - Brightcove Play (Boston, MA USA), codemania.io (NZ), OWASP New Zealand Day (NZ)
  • 2016 - OWASP New Zealand Day (NZ), AWS Summit (NZ)
  • 2015 - Microsoft Build Conference (Auckland NZ)
  • 2013 - OpenSource Developers Conference (NZ), Amazon Web Services Summit (NZ), Jaspersoft V5 Tech. Training
  • 2012 - Agile and Scrum Training, Auckland Mozilla Meetup
  • 2010 - Cebu Linux Users Group meetup(Co-Organizer)
  • 2009 - Cebu Drupal Users Group meetup (Organizer), DrupalCamp Manila, DevCon (Developers Connect)
  • 2008 - Beer Talk: DefCon Philippines soft launching
  • 2007 - Leadership/Management/Supervisory Training, Course on Systems Analysis & Design
  • 2005 - IT Project Management Course, Open Source Conference, Workshop ICT for Person w/ Disabilities
  • 2002 - Leadership & Convention Seminar, Systems Technology Institute IT Convention
  • 2000 - Systems Technology Institute I.T. Convention
  • 1999 - Systems Technology Institute I.T. Convention (the Internet & HTML)

Hire Me

I am always open to hear exciting opportunities, why not talk over a cup of coffeee ? contact me via: hello@<this domain dot com>