Microservices with Docker, Alpine Linux, Nodejs, Nginx on Win10 Host


Apology for the last word “Win10”, it’s bit misleading but my main development machine is Dell XPS 13 on Windows 10 Pro Insider Preview. There’s should be a follow up to this blog hopefully on my headless Ubuntu Server. BTW, it’s a PITA to get this thing working on my Win10 machine - too many wrangling with Windows GUI DNS settings, Docker vEthernet adapter then a mixed of CLI scripts, some won’t work on plain CLI commands later then I discovered that wrapping it inside docker-compose.

12 Hours Hackathon with React JavaScript Library


One thing I kept hearing as part of the requirements: React I don’t have a production experience with React, however, IMHO if a developer has done a bit of JS development in the past I don’t think onboarding is rocket science. At the end of the day, it’s just JavaScript! I’m currently working on a couple of personal projects and thought of using React at some stage but instead I’ve decided to do hackathon on a simple React project and see where it would take me, I didn’t set a deadline.

That! SSH permission denied on eCryptfs-enabled file system


On the day my DeskMini Headless server was born - it was christened with ecryptfs and I did that on purpose - paranoid! Gearing up for a password-less configuration was supposedly and easy task later then I realised that my first SSH session won’t work. This is for obvious reason: the home folder ~/ isn’t readable - yet - not until you manually mount the folder. By default SSH will look for authorized_keys file at the user’s home folder henced SSH can’t read it - you’ll get Permission denied (publickey).

My Boston (USA) Trip


Last week I had the privileged to travel and visit Boston, USA. It’s old but a great & lovely city. Food are bit cheaper than NZ, oops! I was looking for great coffee but sad to say I didn’t find a good one, sorry, NZ’s coffee still the best - even the petrol station near at my place was way better. On the bright side, in Boston, food was epic! here are a few food places I went to:

OWASP New Zealand Day 2017


Alright! this was my 2nd year in a row for this web security conference here in Auckland, New Zealand. This is the type conference that would never fails to impress myself: the work and research they’ve (personal or business related) is great. They had a good list of local and international speakers, which I think - particularly for inviting international speakers - is good the fact that the audience (like me) will get a different insights outside of the local security threats/tools or knowledge in general.

First Taste of Win10 BitLocker


I bought the idea of encrypting my OS drive, since I’m on Windows 10 I opted the closed source utility called BitLocker. Prior to trusting my gut - I had initially configured my Ubuntu-based headless server with eCryptfs. If you peek at eCryptfs about page, one of the authors became a member of BitLocker team at Microsoft - so I guess that’s why I pushed the “OK” button. The Famous bcmwl63a.

ASRock H110M-STX Deskmini 110w With Headless Ubuntu Server


About 8 months ago when I saw the Intel NUC at local computer store, I thought maybe I could get one for my expirements/projects. One that I could just leave running (headless) on one corner and either do of the following: Remote SSH from a local coffee shop: download stuff, etc Remote development while travelling overseas where internet speed isn’t great I did a bit of research about Intel NUC, just wanted to make sure that it will be worthy for the price that I’d be paying for.

Domain Registrar migration from GoDaddy to AWS Route53: Short Story


After a fantastic 9+ years with GoDaddy, I moved on - yep, AWS Route53 is the domain registrar for mindginative.com. Nope not because of a horrible things that just happened nor bad customer experience. A million reasons: They’re just my domain provider, I only remember them when it’s time to renew my domain - the rest were fully managed by AWS Route53 eg. DNS, Subdomains, Servers, etc. Target Audience It aims at people who are already using AWS Route53 as their DNS provider, for newcomers - I guess you’ll have to touch base with DNS first, see Migrating DNS Service for an existing Domain to Amazon Route53

How to fix Raspberry Pi SSH connection reset


I was trying to copy files to my Raspbian-based Raspberry Pi but I kept getting this error: ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection refused Tell-tale Sign after few attempts the ssh status showed up an interesting set of logs: $> sudo service ssh status ● ssh.service - OpenBSD Secure Shell server Loaded: loaded (/lib/systemd/system/ssh.service; enabled) Active: active (running) since Mon 2017-04-10 08:51:38 UTC; 6min ago Main PID: 1332 (sshd) CGroup: /system.

Setting up Bitbucket's Pipelines for frontend deployment on AWS S3


Bitbucket is my main git repo for all my personal (PoC) projects, portfolio and all of my contracting projects - hands down on private repo. While I’ve tried Codeship, CircleCI, Jenkins for production use, however, all of these CI server needs some little education about private and public certificates for setting up roles/permission/access before any of them can pull out your source code and push it to eg: Amazon S3 — Pipelines + AWS S3 was far bit easier.